Monday, August 24, 2009

Project 1 Description

We've seen and will be looking at many low-tech devices that display moving images. Each device we look at has its own inherent characteristics. Some require manual manipulation, others depend on a motorized mechanism. Before we begin stop-frame animation it will be helpful to understand frame by frame animation as demonstrated by these early devices.

For your first project you will create one of the devices that we have discussed in class. You also have the option of proposing a hybrid or completely new device that demonstrates your understanding of frame by frame animation.

Please choose one of the following:
  1. Create a flip book. The book must contain at least 125 individual pages of animation. The book can be as small or as large as you like. The book must be bound in some fashion. You may draw, scan, use frames from photos or video you take.
  2. Create a praxinoscope. Your praxinoscope must be hand built. You may repurpose existing materials, but you cannot take an existing praxinoscope and only create the graphic wheels. You need only create one graphic wheel.
  3. Create a zoetrope. Again, your zoetrope must be hand built. You only need create one graphic wheel.
  4. Propose another device. It can be one that we have looked at, or you may propose something entirely new or a variation.
You will turn in your device in proper working order. Your device should not feel klunky or difficult to operate. If more complicated, please provide written instructions.

Grading Criteria
Conceptual Interest: 50%. Is your device thought provoking? Does the content captivate the viewer?
Craftsmanship: 50%. Is your device designed well? Does it feel finished?

Due Date: Wednesday September 16, 2009.